Who is this guy?

Ah the age old question; who is this guy, and what is he doing on my lawn. Hey. I’m Phil and I’m a food, photo, and video guy.

Lucky to have worked several years in hospitality, and several more in tech, it was only a matter of time before my two passions would collide.

Spent just shy of 10 years living in beautiful British Columbia Canada where I learnt to cook, photograph, and film food. After living in Whistler for several years (as is tradition), I made my way to Vancouver. A gorgeous city. Here I met many amazing and inspirational foodies living in the city, and surrounding burbs. Each devoted to their craft as the next. Especially Josh.

Drawing inspiration from others, I attended several food photography events fuelling this passion that was edible art. After meeting Dennis the Prescott on Food Bloggers of Canada ‘Great Canadian Road Trip’, I double downed my own food game. While creating content regularly, I also attended photography business seminars where I met one of Vancouver’s most talented, and knowledgeable food photographers, Darina Kopcok.

To make ends meet I began selling my body
of my camera in freelance photography. This was paired with working for North America’s number one enterprise visitor management system, Traction Guest. There you’ll meet the most incredibly talented people with simply the BEST sense of community, and workplace experience. Their leadership team – just amazing – so much guidance, so much direction, always willing to help. They are just the best bunch of people, period.

Over the years I expanded my collection of camera gear, and food props. There was a skill to learn; to distinguish between gear you NEED, and gear you WANT. I’m yet to master this.

Food videography and food photography just makes me happy (and hungry). As a grown man, each week I feel very privileged to be able to play with my food.

Pictures to come! Have a delicious day!